Audit Assist

Whether you are a multi-national accounting firm or a one-cubicle tax shop, the need for highly qualified and experienced staff remains the same. Our "Audit Assist" service is designed for those firms that have an immediate need for experienced auditors to bring their audit engagements under control. During the engagement, we perform as members of your firm. Because client satisfaction and retention is of utmost importance to us, we also sign a non-solicitation agreement. Our number one goal is to make sure that our clients meet their targets in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.


You have a great accounting team, but your Controller decides to follow childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest. What do you do? Your team works well together and you expect your Controller to return, but it could be two to three months from now. Our "Rent-A-Controller" service is designed for those clients that have an immediate need to fill a short-term leadership void. Our staff's audit training enables us to quickly learn how your company operates while our corporate experience provides your existing staff with the leadership and focus needed during your Controller's temporary absence or during a time of transition. 


For most entities, an audit is a necessity that fulfills a financial and/or a regulatory requirement. A successful audit verifies an entity's financial performance and is intended to build confidence within a variety of audiences, such as partners, shareholders, banks, donors, and regulatory bodies—anyone with an interest in the financial state of the business. To achieve the desired outcome, the financial statements presented in an audit must be accurate and timely. At Lounev Advisory Services LLC, we maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients; successive audits yield more efficient audits with fewer surprises.

Audit Prep

The key to a successful audit is proper preparation. Inadequate preparation can cause delays in publishing the report, excessive audit fees, penalties or even debt covenants for noncompliance, and ultimately embarrassment. While the independent auditor is responsible for the audit opinion, preparation often falls on the company’s management. Our team has specialized experience in resolving issues from the perspective of both the client and the auditor; we understand the unique challenges each side is facing. Our experienced team of consultants can get your books audit-ready quickly and cost effectively.


Back–Office Support

Maintaining a sound financial system requires personnel specially educated and trained in that field. The importance of financial credentials for anyone overseeing your investment portfolio is obvious, and it is similarly important that degreed accountants maintain your accounting records to ensure that they are correct and current. Our highly skilled and experienced accountants require little supervision to maintain your books. So, whether you are looking to add support to your existing department or you simply want to outsource the entire function, our knowledgeable team of accounting consultants can get your records in order quickly and cost effectively.

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